Rental Assistance Benefit

Coastal Housing Partnership has partnered with a number of local landlords that have agreed to reduce the monthly Market Rent on new leases on a number of their rental units for employees of Coastal Housing Partnership Employer Members. Market Rents on studios and one-bedroom units will be reduced by $50 per month. Market Rents on units with two or more bedrooms will be reduced by $75 per month. Market Rents on single-family homes will be reduced by $100 per month.

Landlord Participants:

La Colina Apartments

Mathilda Apartments

The Towbes Group

Arrive Los Carneros

Wolfe & Associates

As a member employee, you are eligible for a rental discount if you are:

  • Employed by a Coastal Housing Partnership Employer Member at move-in time
  • Not currently renting at a Unit at a participating property
  • Able to meet all customary tenant qualification requirements for the property

Program Policies:

  • The number of units at each property that are available for this program may be limited
  • Check with the landlord representative to determine availability
  • Rental units classified as "affordable" or "senior" are not eligible for the program
  • Participants in the program are entitled to one rental discount per Unit
  • Lease term must be at least one year
  • If a program tenant is no longer employed by a Coastal Housing Partnership Employer Member, the employee remains eligible for the rental discount until the end of the current lease term

Contact the Coastal Housing Partnership office to register for rental benefits and to receive a Letter of Authorization. Be sure to present the Letter of Authorization issued by Coastal Housing Partnership to the Participating Landlord prior to leasing a Unit.

Letter of Authorization