Network Service Partners

Coastal Housing Partnership works with local real estate professionals (Network Service Partners) to provide housing benefits to employees of member companies whether they are purchasing a home, refinancing a mortgage, renting an apartment, or looking for a moving company. These Network Service Partners have all agreed to help employees of Coastal Housing Partnership member companies save money on their housing transactions.

Click on the following categories for a list of participating Network Service Partners. There are Spanish speaking agents and loan officers on our list. (SP) indicates the offices that have Spanish speakers.

Home Purchase or Mortgage Refinance Benefits

The Home Buying and Refinance Benefits save you money on your closing costs! Local real estate agents, lenders, home inspection firms, and residential developers provide contributions that significantly reduce the closing costs associated with a home purchase or mortgage refinance. All employees of a member company are eligible for these savings, regardless of position, income, or whether the employee is a first- time home buyer, move-up buyer or getting back into the real estate market.

Rental Assistance Benefits

When entering into a lease with a landlord that is a participating Network Service Partner, an employee can receive a reduction in the monthly rent.

In Network

Much like a PPO, it is your choice with whom you would like to work within our Network. If you are using a real estate professional within our Network, you are eligible for a reduction in costs.

Purchase and refinance savings are typically credited through escrow (exception: home inspection companies). The real estate agent commission credit is received by the buyer through escrow as a credit to closing costs. This contribution is available to the extent allowed by your lender. Please make sure your lender and escrow agent are aware of the commission credit you are receiving in order to credit it properly.

Click here for the Escrow Instructions Form – complete the form and submit it to your escrow officer.

Out of Network

If you choose to use a real estate agent, home inspection firm, lender or landlord who is not part of the Network, there are no Coastal Housing Partnership savings available. This is because the savings come directly from the Network Service Partners, not from Coastal Housing Partnership. It is possible to still be eligible for partial savings – for instance, if you are using an out-of-network real estate agent and in-network lender, you would still be eligible for the lender savings.

So choose your home buying team from our list of network service partners and start saving on your path to home ownership!

Real Estate Agent Commission Credit
Not all agents in all companies participate. Click on the company link to view participating agents. Please verify with your agent that they participate in the commission credit program.

It is important for the employee to discuss the lender contributions directly with the lending institution. Since lenders have various fee structures, be sure to ask for a complete breakdown of costs so that you are able to accurately compare costs. The interest rate on your loan may vary among lenders due to points or other fees charged. The Network Service Partners listed above have agreed to discount their services to employees of Coastal Housing Partnership members. Users of these services are cautioned that Coastal Housing has not endorsed any of the Service Partners, nor any of their specific products nor services, and that no endorsement should be inferred by the fact that an organization is listed.

Users should carefully review the products and services offered and should reach their own decisions as to which Service Partners to patronize. Service Partners may be added or removed or may change their discount structure at anytime.