Member Employer Benefits

Coastal Housing Partnership is a nonprofit organization providing solutions to the impact the high cost of housing has on the recruitment and retention efforts of local employers. We offer a full-service housing assistance benefit for employees of member companies, including home buying education, home buying savings, mortgage refinancing savings and rental savings.

Since it’s more cost-effective to sustain a loyal workforce than it is to maintain a continual cycle of recruitment, let Coastal Housing Partnership help you retain your valued employees. Coastal Housing Partnership benefits support employees on their path to home ownership, helping them establish roots and connect to the community - an important foundation in developing strong employee loyalty.

Coastal Housing Employer Members Include:

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Benefits of Employer Membership

"Sonos is an Employer Member of Coastal Housing Partnership - I was able to access their resources including savings from my real estate agents and lender. As an HR professional, it's great to see our Santa Barbara-based Sonos employees use the benefits of Coastal Housing Partnership as well – it's a great perk."
- Elizabeth Barat, U.S. HR Manager for Sonos