Letter of Authorization

In order to receive Coastal Housing Partnership benefits, you will need to submit a Letter of Authorization to Coastal Housing Partnership Network Service Partners verifying that you are eligible to receive Coastal Housing Partnership benefits. Please complete this form or click here to download a PDF. You will receive your Letter of Authorization by mail or email within 3 business days.

Online Request

Coastal Housing Partnership Benefit Requirements:

  1. In order to receive the Coastal Housing Partnership benefits, you must inform your realtor/lender/home inspection company/landlord as soon as possible
  2. Make sure you notify your lender that you are receiving a credit from your real estate agent, so that it can be properly credited
  3. In order to obtain rental discount, provide landlord/management company with Letter of Authorization prior to lease commencement

Please call Coastal Housing Partnership office (805) 969-1025 if you have any questions.