For Employer Members

Tools for Success for Current Member Employers

Coastal Housing Partnership works hard to provide housing benefits at a low annual cost, affordable for any size employer. Coastal Housing wants to help you maximize the value of your membership in Coastal Housing Partnership and make it easier for you to get the word out to your staff about the benefits and home buying education programs offered to them.

No need to worry about explaining how to use the programs; simply let your employees know the housing benefits are available and we'll do the rest. To make getting the word out even easier, we have the tools to help. We’ve developed some simple, but effective ways to help you get the word out to your employees about the Coastal Housing Partnership housing benefit – or even just to remind them that it is available to them.

Coastal Housing Representative Day

A representative from Coastal Housing is available to come to your work place to talk informally with employees about the housing assistance benefits available to them through Coastal Housing.

Other ways to help get the word out include:

  • List Coastal Housing on employee intranet with link to Coastal Housing website (Download: Coastal Housing Partnership Logo)
  • Include Coastal Housing Partnership Employee Brochure in your Employee Benefit Handbook (Download: Employee Brochure)
  • Post Coastal Housing Color Poster in employee meeting area (Download: Color Poster)
  • Describe Coastal Housing benefit at new employee meetings
  • Include an article in your company newsletter about Coastal Housing benefits (we'll write it for you!)
  • Include Coastal Housing as a participant at a Benefits Fair or Open Enrollment
  • Invite Coastal Housing Executive Director to be Lunch 'n Learn speaker
  • Send out the schedule for Coastal Housing area-wide home buying seminars
  • Forward the up-date e-mails that we periodically send to you

Coastal Housing Partnership can provide you with suggested language that can be included on your company intranet or benefits handbook. This can be emailed to you so that you can use it where appropriate.

*Call Coastal Housing Partnership office at 805-969-1025 for hard copies of the Employee Brochure and color poster.