Financial Readiness Seminars

The Path to Home Ownership involves planning!

The following financial seminars are available for employees of Coastal Housing Partnership member companies. There is no charge to attend the seminars.

Financial Planning Basics
(Series of two two-hour seminars over a two week period)

Attend one of our Financial Readiness Seminar series as the first step on your path to home ownership. Classes cover various financial-readiness topics such as budgeting, cash flow, credit basics, credit strategies, cash reserves, debt management and planning for the future.


Seminars presented by Tamara M. Simmons CFP®
Principal, Wealth by Design

With 20 years in the financial industry, teaching classes, and providing money guidance, Tamara is well-positioned to share her knowledge.
Phone: (805) 669-6650

The advice of all service providers and seminar speakers, including Tamara Simmons, is independent of Coastal Housing Partnership. Coastal Housing Partnership is not responsible for the content of the seminars, is not providing any independent financial advice, shall have no liability for the content of the seminars, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties.

If you are interested in attending a future Financial Readiness Seminar other than those listed, please fill out the form below and select "Future Financial Readiness Seminar" in the drop down menu. We will contact you with upcoming dates as soon as they are scheduled.

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